A Lady’s Basic Cosmetic Brush Needs

Remember when makeup applicators were suffice for makeup application? Times have definitely changed. What was once used almost solely by makeup artists are now used by everyday women. There are several types of brushes that have various uses.  There are brushes for blush, foundation, concealer, powder, eyeshadows, pencils, lips, smudging, creasing, and blending, just to name a few.

As a makeup artist, I do believe that each brush type does its job well and they do make your job a bit easier. However, life does go on without most of them. Also, it’s just not economically smart for the average person to invest in all these brushes when the same look can be achieved with just a few. Honestly, a true artist does not need all the cosmetic brushes ever created to beat a face! The tools count but the artist behind them makes the difference.

Here are the essentials!

THE SHADER BRUSH (aka “the eyeshadow brush” or “flat eyeshadow/shader brush”)
This brush is dense, flat, and size appropriate for your eyelid.

USES: Its use is found in its name. This brush is generally used to apply eyeshadow to the eyelid. You can also use this brush to apply eyeshadow to your brow bone and on your lower lash line.



Up next, “THE CREASE BRUSH” (aka “the blending brush”)There are several different types, some are fluffier and others are more tapered. Honestly, it’s up to you.
USES: This brush is so important. It helps to facilitate blending between colors. You use this brush to place eyeshadow in the crease, then of course, BLEND!





Lastly, “THE FACE BRUSH” (aka “the powder brush”) This brush can take care of all your face powder needs.

USES: Setting powder, blush, and even contouring (if used properly) !




Oh wait, there’s one more..YOUR FINGERS!!!

USES: Your fingers are an awesome tool for makeup application, blending, and touch ups. Don’t be afraid to use it. Even the most respected makeup artists use their hands! Just make sure you have washed your hands prior to application. I also like to keep makeup wipes and hand sanitizer on standby just in case I need it.

Hope this made your life a little easier!


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  • Wow.
  • I too was that "good" girl and based my righteousness on my actions. When I did commit one of those sins you listed (as if I wasn't already sinning with my pride in myself) I went into deep depression because I placed so much weight on being "good." When I realized (like you) that He is good and my righteousness (actions) are like filthy rags it gave me a new freedom. I was a slave to my misguided perceptions and my so called perfection. Christ offered me a freedom based on who He was and not what I did or did not do. He loved me in spite of me. That for me was freeing. Thank you for sharing this post. Now I see that I wasn't the only misguided one...lol...I'm sure there are many more of us. I look forward to reading more of your posts.
  • I am in tears after reading this! This spoke to me! I can relate! Just a while ago my selfishness rose her head and placed pressure on an old friend to be my superhero. God is the only superhero! He is near ready to comfort! Lord you have spoken! May God Bless this ministry!
  • This is a much needed topic in the church today. I dont know whats worse these church floks that fill your head with lies or that christian mingle commercial?
  • Very wise words, son. Hopefully, they are listening with spiritual ears and a heart to obey.