3 Healthier Tips for Guilty Pleasures

We all have our favorite dishes and snacks that we run to when it comes to eating. Sadly, sometimes those items aren’t of the highest quality, and can be downright unhealthy. What’s even sadder is that we know it’s unhealthy before we eat it, and we don’t care. We eat what we love, and a lot of it, even when we know it’s not good for us. Afterwards, we indulge in shame-tinged bragging that sounds like, “Girl! It’s a shame how much I enjoyed eating that whole pizza.” and “I feel so fat! I ate the whole bag of Doritos… but I loved it!”.There can be a fine line between rewarding yourself with your favorite foods and punishing your body with excess. Here are a few tips on how to make some healthier choices when it comes to enjoying your guilty pleasures.

1. Use Moderation and Self Control
Just because you love a particular snack doesn’t mean that you need to eat the entire package of something as soon as you get it. Moderation is healthy for many things in life, including food. Sometimes we feel like moderation means that we are limiting our fun or fulfillment, but anything in excess can be harmful instead of rewarding, especially if you know it’s not that healthy to begin with. Self-control and moderation while enjoying these “guilty pleasure” foods will be more rewarding in the long run.

2. Pre-sorting or “Paper-toweling”
You don’t need to drag the whole bag with you to your seat while you watch t.v.. For example, if you’re eating chips, put a portion of them on a paper towel and put the bag away. Then, make an active decision not to go and get another paper towel full of that snack. It’s also a really convenient idea to pre-sort the snacks when you buy them. When you place your snacks into individual portions in zip-lock bags, then you can just grab a bag and go when it’s time to eat. Just don’t grab too many bags! One of my favorite guilty pleasures is Oreo cookies. My friend Heidi taught me to put a portion of the cookies into zip-lock bags, and to then toss them into the freezer. Not only were they pre-sorted into an appropriate serving size, but they were cold and took longer to eat, which helped me to use moderation while enjoying this tasty snack.

3. Switcheroo: Feed the Craving with Something Else
Sometimes our bodies crave a certain need that can be met by a variety of things. If you’re body craves salt, you don’t necessarily need to go grab a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos. I found that when I craved certain foods and went with healthier alternatives, my taste buds were just as happy. Next time you have a craving for your guilty pleasure, grab some cucumbers, tomatoes, and baby carrots. I put salt, pepper, vinegar, and a touch of ranch dressing on mine.

Hope these tips help you to find some tasty and healthy alternatives when snacking. Here’s to a happy, healthy YOU!


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  • Wow.
  • I too was that "good" girl and based my righteousness on my actions. When I did commit one of those sins you listed (as if I wasn't already sinning with my pride in myself) I went into deep depression because I placed so much weight on being "good." When I realized (like you) that He is good and my righteousness (actions) are like filthy rags it gave me a new freedom. I was a slave to my misguided perceptions and my so called perfection. Christ offered me a freedom based on who He was and not what I did or did not do. He loved me in spite of me. That for me was freeing. Thank you for sharing this post. Now I see that I wasn't the only misguided one...lol...I'm sure there are many more of us. I look forward to reading more of your posts.
  • I am in tears after reading this! This spoke to me! I can relate! Just a while ago my selfishness rose her head and placed pressure on an old friend to be my superhero. God is the only superhero! He is near ready to comfort! Lord you have spoken! May God Bless this ministry!
  • This is a much needed topic in the church today. I dont know whats worse these church floks that fill your head with lies or that christian mingle commercial?
  • Very wise words, son. Hopefully, they are listening with spiritual ears and a heart to obey.